Monday, November 21, 2011

Seriously????? 14 Hours?

I was able to attend a family reunion in San Diego this weekend. I had an absolute blast :D

BUT......we were to fly out of PDX on Thursday morning at 7:20am on Spirit Airlines. We were on the plane and taxiing out...when the pilot announce that there was an indicator light on and we needed to go back and get it checked out. So back to the airport.

We sat on the plane for 40 minutes while they 're-booted' the system. They hoped that would clear the light. It did not. So off the plane we went. But we had to stay near the gate because they would give us updates on the plane.

3 hours later they let us know that they needed to order a part and it would be coming from San Fransisco so we could leave the gate and they would give us $7 vouchers to get some food. None of the stores in the airport were redeeming the vouchers.

There were many people getting super mad by this point. Lots of people were yelling and screaming MEAN things to the attendants. It was not pretty. After we had lunch they told us that we needed to stay close and they would give us updates every 15 minutes. They absolutely refused to cancel the flight. They would give us credit back for our flight but would not get us on another plane until the flight was canceled.

4:00 pm rolls around. Because we had a connecting flight....we got lucky at this point because they canceled the flight to San Diego. So the few of us that were going to San Diego got a flight on Alaska Airlines and it was to depart at 8:45pm. That meant 14 hours in the airport by this time. Yet we did not have time to go home. We spent the remaining 4 1/2 hours in a restaurant.

The people at the restaurant were the most friendly people we had encountered all day long. And they did not care how long we sat there. They gave us free food and kept refilling our drinks for us. We were very grateful. It turned a somewhat difficult day into a better one.

But, I will NEVER fly Spirit airlines again.

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